Winging a 100 mile race, is something I would not recommend to anyone, unless your like me, and think that life is to short to sit at home on the couch and wonder if you could have finished if you tried. Having been out of running pretty much since I didn’t complete the 24 hour run in Regina this last may with a severe tendinitis flare up in both hips, arthritis inflammation and pains in some joints, left me depressed and feeling discouraged. Not training, just going to rehab and doing a lot of treatment, basically just treating the symptoms. Its very difficult to accept if you have a strong mind and a weak body. I felt better, i did daily walk and run 3-5 miles for two weeks with one 10 miler.

Hot yoga 4 times a week. I didn’t want to let my friend down and cancel my run, that we had planned already since last year to do in South Dakota, the Lean Horse Ultra. A few days before we were going to leave my friend got devastating news that his best bud had died and then funeral would be on our race day. So here I was already mostly packed for my trip, going to be going alone. I decided to take my son and his buddy along, leave a day earlier and make a little vacation out of this trip. I decided i had nothing to loose by trying to finish the 100 miles in a very generous cut off time of 32 hours in a what i thought “easy” course. All i wanted was finish the race, have fun and not come out of It injured. I am happy to say I achieved all 3. Highlights of this race we’re the Road trip with my Son and having him there At the finish line was very special and he and his friend were excellent helpers with the post race drama.

Meeting up with Janalee and Craig Boychuk and having their support along the way was the best feeling ever. Love you guys.

Hanging out before and after race with David Fielder and Melissa Budd was such a fun experience, getting to know you guys better and you guys waiting for me at the finish was such a nice surprise. Thank you guys so much for all your help, encouragement and really fun company. David my boys loved riding your bikes. Thanks again.

The trail was beautiful, the scenery was absolutely beautiful with some stunning views of the black hills, the valleys and the old train tunnels and countless bridges, over so many creeks and rivers.

Meeting new people, making so many memories, i took time to chat at aid stations, I enjoyed all the walk breaks with so many runners from so many different places. I was hurting too from many blisters, it was hard and it is a very longtime to be out in the trail, but thats why its called LONG DISTANCE ENDURANCE RUNNING! I felt like a long run and i endured some pain-to push through to the finish, but i stuck with my plan to just go for a slow walk and run and not get injured. Only having the normal 100 mile ultra pains the rest is all good.

Important thing i was reminded of in this race is to respect the distance, regardless if the trail is easy and to cherish our family, friends our health and life. I feel so blessed and cant wait to go for an other long run.

I would love to come back to LH trained and actually “RUN” that race.

A fabulous race, well organized and supported with many super nice volunteers. Thank you to the RD and team.