Crew Information


We strongly recommend that you bring someone to crew for you. Not only will a crew provide a psychological lift, but having one will ensure that you have the food and drink you prefer and changes of clothing along the way.  We do offer 4 drop bag locations along the course, but it is very hard to be prepared for every situation that can happen during the race.  On the Crew pages you’ll find suggestions on where and how to crew for your runners during the Lean Horse 100.  Be sure to familiarize yourself with the Crew Rules, and note the following:

  • Access for crews to the majority of the aid stations locations are very easy to find, but they may have limited parking. In most incidents, crews can park with in a short walking distance of all aid stations. Please make sure not to block traffic or someone’s driveway at any time. Local roadways need to remain open or be non-obstructed for emergency personnel for runners and local citizens.
  • It is advisable to bring a small cooler that can be carried easily into the checkpoint in addition to a larger one that is kept in the car. A small cart or daypack can also be helpful in transporting supplies. Crews should wear running or hiking shoes since the majority of the time you will be on loose gravel.
  • We always recommend that crews be prepared for any type of weather that could happen. Here is South Dakota we have a saying, “If you do not like the weather, wait 5 minutes, it will change.” In 2012 we had very favorable weather during the day of the race.  Highs were between 70-80 degrees on the course during the day, but the temperature dropped into the low 20’s during night. Being in the mountains the weather can change very rapidly. We usually get very little rain during August but you never know when a quick storm will blow in over the mountains. Please come prepared for any type of weather.
  • Don’t forget your flashlights or headlamps. It can get very dark in the mountains at night if there is no moon out.
  • As the day and night progress, crews should take care of themselves as well as they take care of their runners. Adequate hydration, regular meals and appropriate clothing will keep crew members happier, stronger and focused on the needs of their runner.
  • You will travel through Custer and Hill City throughout the race.  Each town has convenience stores, grocery stores and hardware stores. They should cover most of your needs. You will also pass through Rochford which has very limited resources. So please plan accordingly if you need anything specific before leaving Custer or Hill City.
  • We ask that you, please only, aid your runners at the designated aid stations.  Along most of the course you will be able to see your runners. The George S. Mickelson Trail does follow highways and gravel roads through out the Black Hills during several sections of the race. We do not want vehicle parking randomly along the highway. It is for your safety and that of those traveling along the highways.  The race is held at the end of our very busy tourist season and we are in the middle of very heavy logging traffic. There will be heavy traffic on sections of these roads, so please be very careful!

Familiarity with driving directions to the aid stations will be of considerable benefit to those crewing the Lean Horse 100. Please go to Driving Directions to Aid Stations for information on how to travel between aid stations. Crews must always observe safe speeds; there is adequate time to travel between the aid stations and greet runners as they come in.  We want everyone to enjoy the event and their stay in the Black Hills.  So please, be aware of what you do and how you handle yourself through out the weekend.  Don’t forget that this is a busy time in the Black Hills.

Pacer Information

A pace runner, or pacer, is defined as a “trail companion” who may assist a runner through the second half of the Lean Horse 100.  Pacers are only allowed for 100M runners.  The pacer may join their runner at the DMTM aid station (mile 50.3) on the second or in-bound time through the aid station.  You may also join your runner at any aid station beyond that point. Any runner over 60 years old may have a pacer for the entire 100M distance.  Pacers may meet their runner ONLY at aid stations.  Runners are allowed one pacer at a time, but may use as many total pacers as they wish (or as logistically possible, at least). All 100M runners will receive one pacer bib in their race packet at check-in.  If you have multiple pacers, this bib must be transferred between them when they switch out.

NO MULING.  Runners must carry their own supplies and not use their pacer as a pack mule.  Absolutely no physical or mechanical aid may be given by the pacer to assist the runner through out the race (except in medical emergencies).

Pacers should be experienced runners in excellent physical shape and condition.  The George S. Mickelson Trail is not a technical course like our sister race The Black Hills 100.  But, it is still very demanding to run up to 50 miles. Most pacing will be done during night time hours and early morning; so pacers should be warmly dressed, used to running with headlamps/flashlights, and familiar with the trail.  Pacers should be adequately supplied with a light, food and water.  Pacers may accept aid at the checkpoints.

Rules for Pace Runners

  • A pace runner is any individual who accompanies an entrant for any distance greater than 100 yards at one time.
  • One pacer at a time may accompany each runner from the DMTM Exchange Aid Station to the finish.  
  • We would like to know all who may be pacing for runners during the race.  We always want to know who is out on the course throughout the race.  
  • Pacers must be at least 18 years of age. (Specific exceptions may be made in advance of the run by the Race Director.)
  • Each pacer must wear the official pacer bib. 
  • All pacers must clearly identify themselves when passing through aid stations.  It is extremely important that Run personnel know exactly who is on the trail and where.
  • Pacers must stay with their runners at all times, except in the case of an emergency.  If the runner withdraws from the run, and the pacer wishes to continue, he/she must remain at the aid station until another runner enters the aid station and requests the services of a pacer.  The pacer may not continue on without an official run participant.
  • Changing of pacers may be made at any aid station once the runner has gone through the DMTM Exchange Aid Station.
  • Pacers must enter and leave each aid station WITH their runners. They may assist with the re-filling of water bottles or replenishment of supplies while in the station, but may not come into the checkpoint ahead of their runners, or depart after their runners, in order to speed up the re-fueling process.
  • Pacers may not carry water, food, flashlights, shoes, clothing or other supplies for anyone other than themselves. “Muling” is expressly forbidden.
  • No mechanical or physical assistance may be given by the pacer to the runner at any time.
  • Please respect the trails; littering of any kind is strictly prohibited.


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Lean Horse Endurance Run
100M, 100M Relay, 50M, 30M, 20M
August 16th-17th, 2019
*1ooM &  Relay-Friday 12pm
*50M – Saturday 6am  (Point to Point)
*30M- Saturday 8am (Point to Point)
*20M-Saturday 9:30am (Point to Point)
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Registration Info
Registration Status: Currently Open
Registration Closes: August 13, 2019
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Course Overview
Surface: Crushed Limestone
Course: Mickelson Trail
Elevation Profile: Gentle Climbs
Where: Custer, South Dakota
Average August Temp: High of 79 Degrees.  Low of 53 Degrees

100M & 100M Relay
-Out And Back from Custer Track
-Starts Friday 12 pm
-32hr Cutoff
-Total Climb: 7,162 ft.
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50 Mile
-Point To Point from DMTM Exchange
-Bus Leaves Custer Track 3:30 am Saturday
-Race Starts Saturday 6am
-14hr Cutoff
-Total Climb: 3,116 ft
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30 Mile
-Point To Point from Mystic Aid Station
-Bus Leaves Custer Track 6:15 am Saturday
-Race Starts Saturday 8am
-12hr Cutoff
-Total Climb: 2,202 ft
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20 Mile
-Point To Point from Mystic Aid Station
-Bus Leaves Custer Track 8:15 am Saturday
-Race Starts Saturday 9:30 am
-10.5 hr Cutoff
-Total Climb: 1236 ft
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