Course Maps


All five event will start at the Custer High School Football/Track complex.  You will make a 3/4 circuit around the track exiting the field, crossing the parking lot where you will enter on to the George S. Mickelson Trail.  All of the event will run an out and back course on the Mickelson Trail with the finish being at the track also.  Please refer to the maps below for more information.

The mapping software does not let us define the city that the route is attached to….it makes that decision itself based on the location of the route (we presume). So if there are in difference from the map to the descriptions that we proved, we are sorry, but the desciption will be correct.

Also the 5 Person Relay will follow the same course at the 100 Mile event.

100 Mile Course

100 Mile Start: 5,359 ft. Max: 6,262 ft. Total Climb: 5,887 ft.

50 Mile Course

50 Mile Start: 5,359 ft. Max: 5,874 ft. Total Climb: 2,659 ft.

30 Mile Course

20 Mile Course